September 10, 2008


I'm currently addicted to Tamagotchi. Yes, my parents bought me a Tamagotchi ver.5 during the previous holiday :D Okay, firstly my Mom was surprised and gasped "Are you 5 years old or what?!" I just smiled and suddenly she said "There you go." YAYY! I always my Mom! My Dad, too! :DD

So, Tamagotchi ver.5 is about raising 3 babies as a family, called 'Familitchi'. How cute! Now, my Tamagotchis has grown up and become Uhyotchi (boy), Mukugetchi (boy), and Watatchi (girl). What family they'll be, is depending on how well did we treat them. Now, mine is still a 'Blended Family'. This morning, actually they've became 'Ninjya Family' -as what I've wanted so much before-. But I was too excited and I feed them -probably- too much, and they returned to 'Blended Family'. SAD*

He expresses his every emotion with the word "Whoa". When sad, it's a small spiritless "Whoa". When he laughs loudly, "WhoaWhoaWhoa!". His every expression is too exaggerated and unreal.

He dries his fur whenever he finds a sunny place to keep his fur fluffy. Doesn't like water because when he's wet nobody recognizes him. When angry, the whites of his eyes get bigger. When he does the laundry he will always add fabric softener.

She is so light that she has to be careful not to be blown away by the wind. Her unique coughs sound "cotton, cotton". She takes on different colors depending on her boyfriend.

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