November 9, 2008

FIRSTanniversary! ♥

I know I've been absent since two and a half weeks ago. I apologize, but I surely got a reasonable excuse. Well, the 2 previous week has been the longest midterm ever. Previously, the midterm were always been well organized. But I don't know what the heck is going on with this lame University that they didn't prepare midterm schedule. So everything was a mess.

On November 5, I had my first anniversary with my lovely boyfriend! YAY! I bought him a BAPE hoodie as he has been craving for since 2 months ago and he bought me anything I want, I mean an all-day-treat at Senayan City. What could I ask for more? (:
.. i was wearing ..
pink plaid shirt
black high heels by VNC
gray beanie by ZARA

Anyway, I'm really tired of someone that keep copying me. I'm not lying, she's officially turned to look just like me. It's like she has everything that I had. She buy everything that I bought. Sick!