May 12, 2010

Reminiscing The Brightest Sky 21 Years Ago: Part.II

Aww. Look at what my girl friend gave me! I'm so excited to rock these two. I'm so into necklaces and shocking pink color. Both of them are easily become my current favorite item. It's funny how days before i received this anchor necklace, i saw vintage anchor ring on online shop. Unfortunately, I forgot to bookmark the online shop ):

Anyway, thanks to Jung Hee Jin for the present. I love you, jagi, sooooooo mucho! *hugs & kisses*

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April 22, 2010

Reminiscing The Brightest Sky 21 Years Ago.

I am sooooooo into suede right now.
And see what I've got on my birthday?

A Pair of Slingback Platform Heels in grey color, Picnic, from my boyfriend. It was such a big surprise for me. I never wished that someone would ever bought me a pair of shoes for my birthday present. Once I saw the package, well it looks like a shoe box to me, but I thought it was a dress or bags or anything less risky. So, when I opened it (you can tell), I gasped. I was afraid that it wouldn't fits me, since I gain some pounds. Anyhow, it fits me perfectly (:

I also got Balenciaga look-a-like in green color, Gaudi, from my mom. It is so cute with its quirky color. I talked about it non-stop for weeks after the first time I saw it. Mom listened to my prayers. Well, I didn't tell her.

And thank you for the birthday greetings I've got via facebook, twitter, message, email, bbm, and phone calls. I've tried to reply them all but I might missed some. So, thank you once again

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April 12, 2010

RANDOMthings ♡

My current favorite things ♡

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October 12, 2009

it's AMANTE.

Did I ever tell you guys how much I love 5-inch-shoes?

I adore classic heels as a perfect investment but platform shoes always stole my heart. So, the previous weekend I purchased this incredible platform shoes at Amante. It came in brown and silver. My mom loves the silver one, but its brown version makes me look more mature. Ugh!

Being so much in love with 5 inch shoes doesn't mean that I am a petite. Well, I am 5 ft 6 inches but I can't resist being 5 inch taller. Fortunately, my boyfriend is like 6 inches taller than me. YAYY! :D

I mean, I do sneakers but celebrating my anniversary wearing sneakers instead of high heels is like DUH~!

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August 27, 2009

CURRENTobsession: SVS Treasure!

These bracelets and rings are from SVS Treasure.
(exclude the wings earrings)

I adore their collection and i want to have them all (x

Their amazing collections are available at Fashion Hub, Mal Kelapa Gading III (2nd floor).

But if you are just too busy to drop by, you can get it online!

Beside bracelets and rings, they also have headbands, earrings, shawls, and necklaces.

My last obsession is the feather headband.

The picture is not available in
SVS' facebook, so i can't show you how cute it is ):

Anyway, SVS will be available at MKG III ground floor from August 10 until August 27, 2oo9.
I'll see you there, ladies!

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July 17, 2009


The worst part about being lied to is knowing that you just don't worth the truth.

July 12, 2009


She's Lady Gaga, everyone!
Lady Gaga is a crime; a super huge inspiration in fashion and music industry.

I always love her fashion attitude, but this one? I'm not quite sure.

Something is wrong. The black mask? Or the Marilyn Monroe hair?

Errr, might be both.

I still love her, though
She's a true sensation.
pics courtesy:fabsugar

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