May 11, 2009

YOU can't PLEASE everyone.

I might have to stop being too nice to everyone.
I have to stop worrying them too much.
Because you simply can't please everyone.
Don't you know that you are killing yourself while you are doing it?
At least, I know.

Like what Bill Cosby said:
"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is to try to please everyone."

May 10, 2009


I n e e d m y h a i r s t y l i s t , N O W !
I just couldn't see things with my bangs like that.

I need to dye my hair too.
It used to be purple and lately turns out to be light brown.

Also considering to shorten my hair.

Chop chop chop!

Lecture will be officially started tomorrow, but I have no class on monday. This semester will be tough ): Anyway, I'm still waiting for my scarf and my zebra loose shirt. Hope they will be arrived tomorrow. Can't hardly wait :D

And for you who want to learn Japanese language, I recommend you this book. I'm reading it now. Find one! (:


May 8, 2009


Holiday will end soon.
I can't believe how time flies.

Anyway, I'm currently in love with black outfit. I used to be so colorful, but this past few days I wear only black, mostly, and white outfit. It has nothing to do with my mood swing. Really.

And this top from ZARA Trafaluc Summer Collection robbed my heart. My brother never really likes it, but I fell in love. What can I say? (:

.Summer top - ZARA TRF.
.Tiered skirt - Magnolia.

.Red necklace - GoGirl! magz.

.Leather platform - Belle.

I also wear less accessories.
Less is more, no?

lortsa ,