January 23, 2009

Happy Birthday; Happy Chinese New Year (:

Bugs Bunny Over Loose Shirt - ZARA TRF. Mini Skirt - somewhere.
*My mom bought me this skirt about 5 or 6 years ago. Glad that it still fits me well*

You might be wondering about what happened to me lately since I never updated my blog again. I wasn't so sure, myself. Things were moving soooo statically boring. And I might be still breathing this boredom all by myself, if someone didn't text me "Go update your fucking blog!" Well, I didn't know you read my blog, S (:

I actually bought some new fashion stuff that I can't wait to show them to you guys. But I have lost my passion for this one, taking pictures. No joke. I mean, I rarely take pictures this past few weeks and never took even a single shoot of outfit picture this past few, err, months?! Man, I forgot.

To make it worst, I think I catch a cold. That kinda explaining why I become sooooo lazy to do anything. Some people sent me a get-well-soon message that I appreciate so much. You guys are so sweet. And thanks to you who offer yourself to buy me medicine. You know who you are (: Happy birthday to you! (He's 20 now. YAY!)

And happy belated birthday to my brother! He's 21 this January 20. iLOVEu, elder brother. Best wishes!

Anyway, happy CNY to you who celebrate it! Gotta help my mom now. Catch you up later! (: