August 25, 2008


i will be going to my parents' home tonight. so i won't be able to blog for about 1 week. ok, it's assuredly 8 days. couldn't be more, neither be less. believe me, my mom is a well-organized person. she's a SUPAGREAT MOM! :D

so, see you again, fellas! (:



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When you look with your eyes, everything seems nice.
But if you look twice, you can see it's all lies.
lily allen

well, it's ironically happened in my surrounding. it's kinda shocking to see the fact that you can't always believing in the others, you can't always count on them. when i was paying a bit more attention to my surroundings, it's like everybody are backstabbing at each other. backstabbing people they called bestfriend. but they do it in a sweet way. but it's just too sweet; that i can smell it before i taste it (:

as like it's not pathetic yet, it happened both to the girls and boys. i watch them playing a good role themselves and hiding their wicked side. oh~ it's shamefully heinous!

so, there's only 1 conclusion i can see here:
when everything goes wrong; it's only yourself that you can count on to
[oh~! i'll make it 2]
grotesque, i like it better when people stab me from the front

August 24, 2008

♥ you always, MOM!

Mom, it's not like you never be there for me. it's not like i hate you for this. you know i love you so much, i love you to death. you know that you are my strength, you keep me alive. i'm sorry for letting you down, Mom. i love you more than anything, more than anyone. more than that, you are the reason why i survive. thankyou for ALWAYS be there for me. you are actually here, Mom, deep down in my heart.

you always,


finally, the final exam is over. and now, it's HOLIDAY! YAY~! :D
actually, d final exam was d most horrible exam i've ever done. and thinking about it stressed me out. can you imagine when you are allowed to bring a cheatsheet but you didn't even understand how to use it and all you did is just copying the cheatsheet to your exam paper? and when they give you a scratch paper, but you didn't use it even a bit because you just don't know what to scratch and what to calculate? yeah, it's bad (real bad!).

but i took some exam madness pictures. have a look (:
so now, i'm thinking about how am i gonna spend my holiday --" it's a short short holiday, i mean it's just 2 weeks. OH~ SHOOT! but it's better than having none.

i had 5 exams actually,
but i didn't took a picture when i studied for 'probability and stochastic' subject
because it was just too hard and taking pictures never really popped up in my head that time.
and, 'english III'? oh i just studied 2 hours before the exam.

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August 9, 2008


if love hurts this much
why is it *still* so much addictive?

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August 5, 2008


another week.
another rush.
another quizes.
another assignments.
damn, does my life only spinning around those things?

luckily, d previous week wasn't dat bad. i hv no class on monday, july 28. and july 30 was a public holiday. then, on july 31 i decided not to attend religion class (God, please forgive me! i swear i did it for a reason!) but still, i asked my brother's friend (who has to attend d same class) to mark me present *whoops*

so, this is d reason. on 30 july, i went to ManggaDua on purpose to buy a mobile phone (my previous was Sony Ericsson w850i and it was hopelessly broken). i'm looking for Motorola Razr2 v9 maroon. but i couldn't find it. and somebody told me to find it in Motorola Shop to see if they have a maroon-coloured stock. It was between Mall Taman Anggrek and Mall Kelapa Gading. but then i decided to go to MTA, knowing d truth dat either me or my boyfriend weren't sure dat there is a Motorola Shop in MKG. But then i find dat the v9 maroon is only a sample color and was published for only 1 month. So i think 'okay, d grey version wasn't dat bad. it looks elegant either.' and i bought it.

at home, i tried to go to camera mode. but it always said 'Busy. Try again later'. then i tried to restart d phone for over than 3 times, and it said d same. So i told my mom dat d camera doesn't work. And we decided to go to MTA again on d next day.

when i told d SPG bout my problem, they said they will re-install d programme and asked me to wait for about an hour. so, i went to ZARA to find some oh-so-mine fashion items (: carying Caramel Java Chip Frapp, i went back to Motorola. dere, d SPG told me dat it should be repaired on Motorola Center. and i think 'God, r they insane?' i mean, it's not my fault, i didn't do anything with d phone and it was so brand new! how come they will take away my phone and get it serviced for about 1 week?!

but then, d manager said dat they would exchange my phone with a new one. HORAYY! :D so then i went back to home with my Motorola Razr2 V9 with d not-so-busy-camera ;p

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