August 5, 2008


another week.
another rush.
another quizes.
another assignments.
damn, does my life only spinning around those things?

luckily, d previous week wasn't dat bad. i hv no class on monday, july 28. and july 30 was a public holiday. then, on july 31 i decided not to attend religion class (God, please forgive me! i swear i did it for a reason!) but still, i asked my brother's friend (who has to attend d same class) to mark me present *whoops*

so, this is d reason. on 30 july, i went to ManggaDua on purpose to buy a mobile phone (my previous was Sony Ericsson w850i and it was hopelessly broken). i'm looking for Motorola Razr2 v9 maroon. but i couldn't find it. and somebody told me to find it in Motorola Shop to see if they have a maroon-coloured stock. It was between Mall Taman Anggrek and Mall Kelapa Gading. but then i decided to go to MTA, knowing d truth dat either me or my boyfriend weren't sure dat there is a Motorola Shop in MKG. But then i find dat the v9 maroon is only a sample color and was published for only 1 month. So i think 'okay, d grey version wasn't dat bad. it looks elegant either.' and i bought it.

at home, i tried to go to camera mode. but it always said 'Busy. Try again later'. then i tried to restart d phone for over than 3 times, and it said d same. So i told my mom dat d camera doesn't work. And we decided to go to MTA again on d next day.

when i told d SPG bout my problem, they said they will re-install d programme and asked me to wait for about an hour. so, i went to ZARA to find some oh-so-mine fashion items (: carying Caramel Java Chip Frapp, i went back to Motorola. dere, d SPG told me dat it should be repaired on Motorola Center. and i think 'God, r they insane?' i mean, it's not my fault, i didn't do anything with d phone and it was so brand new! how come they will take away my phone and get it serviced for about 1 week?!

but then, d manager said dat they would exchange my phone with a new one. HORAYY! :D so then i went back to home with my Motorola Razr2 V9 with d not-so-busy-camera ;p

lortsa ,

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