August 24, 2008


finally, the final exam is over. and now, it's HOLIDAY! YAY~! :D
actually, d final exam was d most horrible exam i've ever done. and thinking about it stressed me out. can you imagine when you are allowed to bring a cheatsheet but you didn't even understand how to use it and all you did is just copying the cheatsheet to your exam paper? and when they give you a scratch paper, but you didn't use it even a bit because you just don't know what to scratch and what to calculate? yeah, it's bad (real bad!).

but i took some exam madness pictures. have a look (:
so now, i'm thinking about how am i gonna spend my holiday --" it's a short short holiday, i mean it's just 2 weeks. OH~ SHOOT! but it's better than having none.

i had 5 exams actually,
but i didn't took a picture when i studied for 'probability and stochastic' subject
because it was just too hard and taking pictures never really popped up in my head that time.
and, 'english III'? oh i just studied 2 hours before the exam.

lortsa ,

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