September 11, 2008


Today was Mr.Tom's class. He's teaching Calculus 1, assisting Mr.Oki -the main lecturer-. He's a nice man; well, probably too nice. He asked the class, "What kind of final exam you'd like? Open book? Closed book? Project? Assignment? Or take home?" Ooh, take home pleasee!

Yesterday, I've made a big decision. I DID cut my bangs. While I know for sure that my boyfriend hates flat bangs so much, because he said that it reminds him of Dora the Explorer. Ooh whatsoever. Anyway, I've got a flat bangs now. These pictures below was taken when my house was in a total blackout. Yeah, ghostly, I know -hate to admit it-.

If you just can't see it, set your brightness full (:
I look more antagonistic, kind of ghostly perhaps. Like Japanese ghost who always wear a high school uniform, black colored hair and has a flat bangs. For example, Enma Ai from Jigoku Shoujo "Hell Girl".

Fortunately, mine is blonde (:

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