September 11, 2008


Today was my first meeting of Leadership class. The lecturer for this course is Ms.Jacy. When I told my brother that I'm taking Ms.Jacy's class this current semester, he was kindly suggested me to be prepared; "There will be LOTS of assignments!" he said. But one thing he didn't tell me is: this lecturer is way too charismatic.

There was no self introduction, she's not even a smugger. The very first thing she said this afternoon is, "You guys have to split into 2. I don't wanna teach this more than 60 people class." I was like 'Wow, she wants to maintain the succeed of the class.'

She has a depth knowledge about what's happening on earth. Her presentation skill is marked 10 out of 10. She's also very inspiring and understanding. At 2 o'clock she said "Are you guys sleepy? If you are, we'll do something fun. I know it's an un-holy hour. I actually don't mind if you fall asleep." And everybody was laughing. Another 'wow' popped up in my head; 'Natural sense of humor.' (:

My brother was right, her assignments are INSANE! Even the word 'crazy' isn't enough to describe it. This semester -surely- will be a T.O.T.A.L.R.U.S.H. sigh*

.. i was wearing ..
printed shirt by Zara
brown skinny jeans by Mango
black high heels by VNC
triple bangles by Thetanea

My printed shirt shouts "Rock is my boyfriend". Hahaha. It doesn't represent myself actually, but this shirt is my love at the first sight :D

Ah! My boyfriend wasn't really excited about my new bangs. But before I went home, he said "You look cute with that bangs." Now, I feel a bit diffident. Am I fine? Ugh*


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