September 9, 2008


Yesterday I made up my promise by showing up at Olympic Sports Club for swimming.There was only me and my boyfriend at the Sports Club. yes, no other guest (: so we had a lot of fun together, only the 2 of us :D

As the result, I got my skin tanned. I wouldn't say it's burned because it doesn't show any symptom of burned skin - my skin doesn't turn red and aching. Some girls out there might be proud for having such tanned skin. I used to love it too, but now I'm self-consciously realize that it just doesn't suit me well. Ooh trouble!

Anyway, today is my first class in this 4th semester. English 4 with Mr.John. Ooh double trouble! Doesn't mean that I hate him, no. He's a nice man, warm-hearted, talkative - he has a wonderful sense of humor, but he rarely give an A! Like in the 2nd semester, there was only one A over about-50-or-more students in his class. And it's driving me crazy!

.. i was wearing ..
white tops by Zara

hot pants by

skull scarf by Body&Soul

red cardi by -

sneakers by Converse

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