July 27, 2008


today, i went to MLC to watch Wanted and Hancock; again, with my brother and lovely boyfriend. both of 'em (i mean d movies) were sooo great. it can't be compared, really. u have to watch 'em both.

`Fox`Jolie in 'Wanted' is god-damn-gorgeous. her skinny body looks perfect. it's tanned and toned. her hair, make up and tattoos are fabs!

Will Smith in 'Hancock'? only one thing to say, he's a real actor. all of his movies r supa-great! Charlize
`Mary`Theron -in John Hancock's house, admitting dat she and Hancock are d 'same'- kinda looks like Victoria Beckham. not to mention her style or hair; i mean her face, her face structure.

and here r some
quotes i like (:


Hancock: [explaining how to deal with a bully] Well what you gotta do is take your foot and jam it real hard into his piss pump. And do it real good, so for the next week he can't use it for anything other than a flap to keep the dust out of his ass crack.


Mr. X: No one leaves the Fraternity, Cross.
Cross: I have a new perspective on the Fraternity.
Mr. X: Careful. You don't destroy something that's been around for a thousand years.
Cross: It's already destroyed. He broke the code. I have to stop this.
Mr. X: Really?
Cross: You know this.
Mr. X: So why don't you face me yourself?
Mr. X: Never send sheep to kill a wolf.
Cross: They were just decoys. Goodbye Mr. X.

p.s: i'll post some pics as soon as possible. i really need some rest now :D


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