July 4, 2008


ohh God, dis is stupid!
today i woke up at around o8.3o and my friend told me dat dere's a class dis morning. u know, it supposed to be *thinking* hmm, well i dunno if dere will b a class dis morning.

but here's d fact..

a month ago, my lecturer said dat dere will b no class for about 1 month coz he will be going to japan to do some research.
and he told us to leave our e-mail address, so he could send us some assignments to do. but up till yesterday, dere was no e-mail from him. which means he's to0 busy doing his research. and dis morning i found sms from melissa asking me am i going to join physics class or not --" well it's a bit too late, honey!

so here i am, at HOME!

yes, i skipped his class.

i actually planned to join d second session.

but when i get my things done, once again i found myself "TOO LATE!"

i'm boring to death.

i hv nothing to do at home.

ok, i got plenty things to do but i'm just too lazy.

so i decided to watch my old DVDs dat i've never watched.

yeah, i'm type of person who
to buy thing but never use it.
person who
to buy fashion stuffs, but never wore it.
person who
to buy novels, but never read it.
person who
to buy DVDs, but never watched it.

i watched "Horton Hears a Who!"
it's a good film, really.
i almost cried my tears out watching dis film.

u; Horton! (:

i also play konpyuta games to kill d time.

i play magic farm and fahion boutique.

both r so much addictive :D


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