July 3, 2008

myWISH-LIST - Part.2

mid term is finished.
it was terrible so i dun wanna talk bout it );
and fashion will always be my sweetest escape.
yes u r right, it's
my wish-list again! :D

1. Hamptons Hobo Bag: Coach
i really really adore dis one! you know why. yeah, it's RED and sexy.

2. Tie Dye Sundress: Topshop
tie dye is IN! it's cross back and made of silk. so how can u resist, girls?

3. Biarritz Sandal: Yves Saint Laurent
aww, look at those heart shape and gold suede strap! no wonder dis sandal is so loveable.

4. Snail Keyfob: Coach
ohh, it's just cute :D

5. Tortoishell Patent Leather: Christian Louboutin
it's simply unique and eye-catching. love dis one (:

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