April 22, 2010

Reminiscing The Brightest Sky 21 Years Ago.

I am sooooooo into suede right now.
And see what I've got on my birthday?

A Pair of Slingback Platform Heels in grey color, Picnic, from my boyfriend. It was such a big surprise for me. I never wished that someone would ever bought me a pair of shoes for my birthday present. Once I saw the package, well it looks like a shoe box to me, but I thought it was a dress or bags or anything less risky. So, when I opened it (you can tell), I gasped. I was afraid that it wouldn't fits me, since I gain some pounds. Anyhow, it fits me perfectly (:

I also got Balenciaga look-a-like in green color, Gaudi, from my mom. It is so cute with its quirky color. I talked about it non-stop for weeks after the first time I saw it. Mom listened to my prayers. Well, I didn't tell her.

And thank you for the birthday greetings I've got via facebook, twitter, message, email, bbm, and phone calls. I've tried to reply them all but I might missed some. So, thank you once again

. a n h y .

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