April 21, 2009


Yesterday was the first day of my final exam.
It went perfectly..

until the exam starts.

No, I'm just kidding (;
Yesterday was pretty good.

.Organic Cotton Tee - ZARA TRF.
.Black Cropped Vest - Body&Soul.
.Grey Skinny Jeans - Mom's.
.Red Necklace - GoGirl! magz.
.Blue Sling Bag - GoGirl! magz.
.Blue Sneakers - Converse.
.holding Blue Bella Jacket - Wrangler.

(the blue color of my jacket, bag, and shoes are in the same tone)

And that vest!
I bought it 2 years ago;
which as far as I could remember, I have never worn it.
OMFG! I hope my Mom will never read my blog.

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