September 4, 2008


at my parent's home; all i did was just messing around, EATING, sightseeing from malls to malls and reading novels. and i read 5 novels in 8 days. so i come to realized that it is freakingly evident that i can't live without books; especially novels, and comics. yeah, i have around 250 or more novels to feed my reading addiction; and still, i can't seem to get enough of it.

then i made a new rules. hard to believe but i'll try to obey it; i will only buy 1 novel in 1 month. oh yes, you heard me! *but i will never risk my magazines! i mean, how come?!*

intermezzo: the last novel i read -before Ciao, Italia! which i read now- titled Divortiare. for you people who live in Indonesia, try to find it! i assure you, it's as FRESH and as LUSCIOUS as possible! iLOVEit :Dtoday i went to MM with my mom and brother. i bought some captivated vintage-yet-classy bangels *believe me, i was completely bewildered* from my favourite-vintage-accessories-shop, ThetaNea (: also, a pair of cute earings :D
i'm wishing that i'll be able to show it to you later (x

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