September 16, 2008


I think it would be a wise decision for being absent from this blog - for a while. I am clearly overwhelmed by projects, assignments, and PROBLEMS. And I'm fully aware that the best way to escape the problems is by solving them. You guys have no idea how much I'll be missing you all (:

p.s: I'll still keep up with your blogs!



♥ fashion chalet said...

Your blog is adorable. Hopefully you keep working on it. But it's nice to see you will keep seeing ours. :) Thanks for your comment. I hope your day today is as beautiful AS you! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I hope you get things sorted :)

anhy said...

aww. thank you Erika!
have a nice day too, miss fabulous! (:
of course i will keep reading yours.
it's such an addiction ;D

anhy said...

unwise pedestrian: thank you so much, dear! I hope it won't take too long. (:

♥ fashion chalet said...

Thank you SO MUCH, you are SO SWEET :D !!!

xo/ fashion chalet

Have a sunshine filled day with love and happiness!! :):)