June 13, 2008

myWISH-LIST - Part.1

girls do love fashion.
and they do hv their own wish-list; either me.
so let's see wad's on my wish-list :D

1. Wood and Shell Bangles: Topshop
i simply love wooden accessories; either earrings, bangles, or necklace coz it's d simplest way to get a-sexy-bohemian look (:

2. Printed Shopper Bag: Topshop
dis printed bag is deadly fashionable. i also love printed summer tote from Gogirl!magazine :D

3. Checkerboard Drawstring Tote: L.A.M.B by Gwen Stefani
i just can't resist dis cool drawstring tote. oh~Gwen, u r brilliant!

4. Oxford Pump: Acne Jeans
i love it! i love it! dis oxford pump is tremendously HOT!

5. Thong: Dior
dis thong is simple, sweet, and adorable. and i get hypnotized by it's color since d first time i saw it. love it so much! >.<


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